With the customized customs brokerage services from Oceanic Container Lines, you can rely on smooth and quick customs release of the goods at destination. Navigate seamlessly through international customs clearance and make the most out of opportunities to minimize risk and contain costs.

Our customs clearance experts can advise you on complying with customs regulations and working with the proper declared value, tariffs and duties. Let us help you set up a well-thought-out customs strategy, and get your goods to the market without costly delays.

Benefit from our green line through customs.

Our standard operating procedure for customs clearance complies with strict rules for safety and security and has been approved by the customs authorities. This allows our customers to enjoy a fast green line in border crossing and a reduction in customs inspections, for speedy market availability and reduced costs.

  • AEO and C-TPAT certification
  • ATLAS Import and Export
  • AES + NCTS
  • E-dec (export & import)
  • EU-customs clearances
  • Fiscal representation
  • AMS and ACI filing.